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Flea Baseball T-Shirts


Fleas are known for jumping 150 times their body length, and the moon flea is no exception. With its hefty legs and membranous wings, moon fleas can propel themselves about 1000 times their body length. Traditional scientists have confused the structure on their head as some sort of floral element, however modern researchers have found that this is a defines mechanism which erects when they sense danger. When threatened, they shoot out a deadly aura from the core of this structure.

Tags: funny, life-on-mars, life-on-space, kawaii, trippy-cute

Moon Flea Baseball T-Shirt

by introducingmo

Tags: design, artistic, art, creative, originl-art

Tags: artistic, illustration, art, black-flea, hairy

Tags: artsy, illustration, artistic, art, music


Poblano Pepper desing for light colored shirts

Tags: pasnthroo, vegetables, poblano-peppers


Bell Peppers design for light colored shirts.

Tags: pasnthroo, vegetables, bell-peppers


I love cooking chili, and this is my chili shirt. Perfect for chili masters, restaurant owner, food truck owner, the cook-off etc. Funny chili shirt, life is too short for bad chili. - I love chili, and this is my chili shirt. - Perfect for chili cooks, contests, restaurant owner, food truck owner, etc. - Funny chili shirt, life is too short for bad chili. Wear this to the chili cook-off contest.

Tags: chilis, chilidogs, chili-peppers, chili-cook, pepper


if you like the heat, this is the chili for you!

Tags: parody, spoof, fun, homemade, container


e love mega hot chilis off the Scoville chart.

Tags: charmander, teecat, pokemon


Love cats? Love peppers? Then Pepper Cats are for you! These cats are one of many designs from the series "Cat Food." Other designs available from Samantha Moore. --- Visit my website at smoorestudios.com --- Like me on Facebook and Instagram: @smoorestudios --- Pepper Cats and Cat Food are Copyright © Samantha Moore 2016-2017.

Pepper Cats Baseball T-Shirt

by smoorestudios

Chili (C-H-I-Li) Spelled with Periodic Elements! Our original Periodic-Tees Elements design. This high-energy tee contains elements Carbon, Hydrogen, Iodine, and Lithium!

Tags: periodic-table, periodic-elements, periodic-spelling, chem, spelling

Tags: food-print, food-pattern, print, pattern, capsicum


Just peppers.

Tags: bell-peppers, vegatebles, pasnthroo, food



Tags: hot-chili-peppers, chilli-pepper, pet, dog, hotdog



Tags: veggies, veganism, vegetarian, veggy, veggie


Cute and wholesome garden characters for your home. A healthy garden enlightens one’s spirit. Pick up your favorite Punny Garden items today!

Tags: funny, inspirational, red, vegetable, hot

Just chilin Baseball T-Shirt

by punnygarden

Mr. Clarke's diagram for how a space-time tear could allow for inter-dimensional travel.

Tags: mike-stranger-things, upside-down, lucas-stranger-things, dustin-stranger-things, eleven-stranger-things


I'm a little chili

Tags: peppers, chilli, chili-pepper, pepper, hot


Throwback to the old Tropicaire Drive in on Bird Road in Miami. One of the best flea markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Eventually it was all taken down for a shopping plaza.

Tags: miami, 305, throwback, vintage, florida


" You're a furry flea bitten fool and you're only the second coolest cat in the realm, but how can I stay mad at you?"

Tags: skeletor, he-man, heman, masters-of-the-universe, motu

Tags: yzma, emperors-new-groove, disney


Inspired by the Netflix summer hit, Stranger Things, this beautiful one-of-a-kind design will definitely get the conversation started. It features a young boy, maybe Will or Mike, riding his bike in the forest with the world of the Demogorgon below him, also known as The Upside Down. You can see both universes at the same time creating a magnificent mirror image.

Tags: best-seller, retro-shows, tv-shows, netflix, the-upside-down

Tags: nerd-people, netflix, tv-series, geek, nerd


Mr Clarke's sketch explaining how to travel to another dimension to Dustin, Mike and Lucas. The upside down.

Tags: season-2, the-flea-and-the-acrobat, the-upside-down, another-dimension, parallel-universe


Now look at what you did

Tags: cartoon



Tags: stranger things, flea, tv, show, stephen king


Your very own Junkin' shirt!

Tags: junkie, junkyard, junk, garage sales, flea market

Tags: fly, gore, gross, creature, monster

FLY MONSTER Baseball T-Shirt

by MatheussBerant1

Tags: netflix, hawkins, power, light, electricity

Tags: funny, kronk, kuzco, hammer, box


Red Hot Fire Flowers!

Tags: magik, sugar, blood, flea, alternative


A circus style poster based on the Stranger Things TV show

Tags: stranger, things, tvshow, demogorgon, hawkins

Tags: winona-rider, the-upsidedown, upside-down, dept-of-energy, christmas-lights

Tags: winona-rider, the-upsidedown, upside-down, hawkins-power-and-light, dept-of-energy

Hawkins 11 Baseball T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

For all you pixel rock stars out there! Here is a fictional instrument for a fictional pixel musician in a fictional rock band for the card game "Rock Battle!" Collect 'em all! Also check me out on Deviantart at http://gkillerb.deviantart.com/

Tags: pixelart, instrument, cartoon, red, flea


"Chapter Eight : The Upside Down"

Tags: eleven, hawkins, demogorgon, netflix, gate


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