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Haynes Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: mass-effect, mako, haynes

Mako Guide Baseball T-Shirt

by liquidsugar

Tags: movie, repair, haynes, cult-films, cult-film


After a long day of traversing the galaxies, fighting off pirates, trading your wares, and picking on under-gunned privateers your trusty Cobra Mk.III probably needs a little TLC, so this comprehensive manual will soon become your most prized possession - because you can't get rich if your ship explodes!

Tags: cobra, video-games, gaming, dangerous, space


Mario Kart owners workshop manual

Tags: racing, kart, vintage, humor, haynes

Tags: scooby, shaggy, velma, daphne, mystery-machine

Mystery Manual Baseball T-Shirt

by toastmonsters

Black Mirror - Museum

Tags: black-mirror-arkangel, arkangel, black-mirror, black-mirror-archangel, new-black-mirror


How to build a mechanical man.

Tags: robot, robby, forbidden-planet, blueprint, design

Robot Anatomy Baseball T-Shirt

by solublepeter

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