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Imstillwithher Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: daca, politics, stan, i-stand, immigrant


Can we have them for 4 more years?

Tags: citizen, firstlady, obama, michelle-obama


End gerrymandering and Republican gridlock now. One person, one vote.

Tags: usa, strongertogether, imstillwithher, election-2016, gerrymandering

Tags: politics, imstillwithher, lovetrumpshate, notmypresident, im-with-her

XMAS Baseball T-Shirt

by disfor

Let everyone know that they are safe with you. Be their safe place. All genders, races, ethnicities, faiths (or lack there of) and sexual orientations are safe with you. Let them know that you are all about love and against hate. Let them all know that they have a friend in you.

Tags: safety-pin, not-my-president, still-with-her, election, hillary-clinton

Safety Pin Project Baseball T-Shirt

by ThisNastyWomanVotes

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