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Javier Baseball T-Shirts


A humorous caricature illustration of the well-known Spanish and International actor and sex symbol; Javier Bardem. One of a series of caricatures achieved for the Celebrity Sunday series, where a famous person is rendered within a day. The idea is to show them as if in a passport photo to have consistency.

Tags: pirates-of-the-caribbean, james-bond, skyfall, actor, caricatures


The baddest motherfucker in film, now on your t-shirt!

Tags: chigurh, hit, man, killer, movie


Vets? What are vets? Embrace #TheTimeline and let the kids play!

Tags: nba, phoenix, phoenix-suns, phx, purple-and-orange

Tags: the-snatch, lebowsky, a-serious-man, film, the-dude

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Tags: anton, lebowsky, bardem, the-snatch, chigurh

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