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John Hammond Baseball T-Shirts


Construction company logo as seen on the chopper in JP1. I recommend a medium-gray shirt for this art.

Tags: jurassic-park, jp, ingen, john-hammond


The park is state of the art. We spared no expense!

Tags: isla-sorna, isla-nublar, science, raptor, life-finds-a-way


If you plan to survive Jurassic Park you need to have this shirt

Tags: horror, sauropod, brontosaurus, dino, trex

Jurassic Park - Survivor Baseball T-Shirt

by guestxdee4m98cvv94ghgax1q

"You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea."

Tags: jurassic-world, jurassicpark, raptors, velociraptors, raptor

Indominus Rex Baseball T-Shirt

by marinackbar

The most amazing park in the world: Jurassic land!

Tags: mos-eisly, mosgraphix, mos-graphix, park, 90s

Jurassic Land Baseball T-Shirt

by mosgraphix

When it comes to bringing dinosaurs back to life from long ago, nothing is too big for John Hammond at Jurassic Park.

Tags: jurassic-park, spielberg, steven-spielberg, spared-no-expense, john-hammond

Tags: jurassic-world-mosasaurus, mosasaur, sea-rex, water-dinosaur, mososaur


Jurassic Park logo parody

Tags: girl, jurassic-park, jurassic-world, jurassicpark, t-rex

Tags: jurassic-park, jurassic-world, jurassicpark, t-rex, prehistoric

Tags: jurassic-park, steven-spielberg, spielberg, mash-up, mashup


dinosaurs started Christmas!!!! Who Knew?

Tags: christmas, mosasaurus, tyrannosaurus, mososaur, holiday-show

Tags: jurassic-park, wi-fi, internet, baby-dinosaur, park

Tags: corythosaurus, acting-director, jurassic-park-4, jurassic-park-2, directing


The king lives in stone.

Tags: pokemon, jurassic-park, kalos-league, whirl-islands, orange-league

King rex Baseball T-Shirt

by paintchips

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