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Jonathan Pryce Baseball T-Shirts


Stylised neon title of the 1985 Terry Gillam film "Brazil"

Tags: art, nerd, woah-jonny, eighties, typography

Brazil Baseball T-Shirt

by Woah_Jonny

A tribute to Brazil (1985 film) by Terry Gilliam

Tags: twelve-monkeys, fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas, monty-python, bureaucracy, michael-palin


being weird is the best.

Tags: charlie-heaton, stranger-things

jonathan Baseball T-Shirt

by ambergawsh

Jonathan Joestar posing

Tags: anime, manga, stand, dio-brando, dio

Tags: jonathan-joestar, jjba-jonathan, jjba, phantom-blood, jojos

Tags: jojos-bizarre-adventure, pocket-designs, pocket-chibi, jonathan-joestar, jojo

Tags: costume, woman, animal, nature, face

Tags: sea, ocean, nature, water, fishing

Tags: man, red-man, colors, thinking, eyes

Tags: belch, fungus, worm, nature, animals


Typographical rendition of the popular novella by Richard Bach

Tags: animal, art, nerd, woah-jonny, spirit

Tags: art, boy, girl, man, woman

Tags: space, art, illustration, nature, children

Tags: bo-s-diner, drive, waitress, uniform, badge


Just an advertising agency in New York City...

Tags: don-draper, madmen, pryce, draper, cooper

Tags: folklore, cuban, afrolatin, santero, creative

Tags: nature, woods, leaves, colorful, extension-bed

Tags: dino, t-rex, jurassic-park, prehistoric, dinosaurs

Tags: colors, color, innovative, original, artistic


for everyone who loves Jon Groff! I love Jonathan Groff

Tags: mindhunter, musicals, musical, broadway, actor

Tags: sea, montain, sun, clouds, sunset

Tags: swimming, swim, aquatic, sun, vacations

Tags: iguana, bunches, animal, night, stars

Tags: man, animal, scared, colorful, colors

Tags: innovative, artistic, art, red, white

Tags: art, innovative, colorful, pink, colors

Tags: eye, artsy, illustration, art, eyes

Tags: art, fun, kids, colorful, brute

Tags: rock, artsy, illustration, art, heavy-metal

Tags: creature, scary, alien, creepy, hairy

Tags: colors, color, creative, innovative, artistic

Tags: rodeo, rancher, hat, horse, farms

Tags: makeup, glasses, hat, face, head

Tags: colors, original, artistic, art, innovative

Tags: jonathan joestar, jjba, jojo, jojos-bizarre-adventure

Tags: cute-monster, bizarre, spooky-cute, monster, creature


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