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Livelongandprosper Baseball T-Shirts


spock design live long and suck it !

Tags: livelongandprosper, rebel, zombie, enterprise, star-trek

spock Baseball T-Shirt

by cesarmora456

Tags: star-trek, star-wars, geekery, geeky, quote


concept by Matt Hibbard

Tags: october, spocktoberfest, oktoberfest, prost, beer


Are you a trekking warrior of the stars? Or, are you a warring trekker of the stars? Feel a connection with both of the science-fiction franchise juggernauts? There's no need to pledge your allegiance to just one or the other. Or, perhaps you know some one who gets their stellar treks confused with their stellar wars? This amalgam of sci-philosophical ideals spans both final frontiers and galaxies far, far away...

Tags: theforce, livelongandprosper, jedi, vulcan, the-force


Star Trek Crest.

Tags: crest, spock, enterprise, uss-enterprise, star-trek-phase-ii


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