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Milking Baseball T-Shirts


Tags: mashup, stylized, streetwear, flyingmouse365, illustration

Milking Out Baseball T-Shirt

by flyingmouse365

Holy Cow

Tags: cows, moo, farm, funny, omg

Holy Cow Baseball T-Shirt

by ceciljamesrhodes

Sally the cow is pregnant again. Her tenth child male child has been murdered in infancy and every day she prays that her next birth will be to a female. A female, she reasons, will at least get to enjoy being alive for a short time before being fed into the same pregnancy/milking cycle Sally suffers through. Elsewhere, beach-goers drip melting ice-cream onto the burning sidewalk. A child drops his cone and his father wipes his tears away with a napkin.

Tags: slavery, slave, vegetarian, frozen, protein

Icescream Baseball T-Shirt

by roboprophet

Are cows your spirit animal? Love that cute cow face, ask me about my cow, love those farm animals, black and white spots, milk cows, milking from their udders, cow appreciation day, cow tipping, cows make me happy you not so much, cut cow moo, not your mom not your milk, it's a cow thing you wouldnt understand, keep calm and love cows. This unique, cool, awesome, funny shirt makes the perfect birthday, christmas, or gift for any occasion.

Tags: cute, witty, vintage, retro, geek


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