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Moon Art Baseball T-Shirts


When you sit in the meditation pose, ready to enter the depths of your mind, time and space, you start looking down at the world, know that you have done everything right in your life to be sitting on the moon right now.

Tags: art, graphic-design, pop-surrealism, nature, sci-fi


All kids are part of and shape the universe together. They know what the adults have long forgotten that everything is connected and that we are all one. They can tap into the deepest corners of the universe and light up the world.

Tags: art, moon-art, vintage, photomontage, digital


Digital recreation of a real ancient Egyptian painting of a waxing/waning crescent moon.

Tags: art, crescent, moon, eclipse, waxing-moon

Tags: art, pop-surrealism, moon-art, vintage, photomontage


A bright colored moon and stars night scene with a rainbow distressed style background.

Tags: starry-night, night-sky, moon, rainbow-design, rainbow-designs


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