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Ouran Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: girl, fall-in, nerd, ouran-high-school-host-club, ouran-host-club

Kiss Kiss Baseball T-Shirt

by DraculaVarney
$26 $20

Tags: ouran-host-club, tamaki, shoujo, manga, anime

Tags: manga, fanart, takashimorinozuka, honey, hunni

Honey and Mori OHSHC Baseball T-Shirt

by krazykageyama
$26 $20


Tags: ouran, ouran-host-club, tamaki-suoh, tamaki, hitachiin

Ouran Roses Baseball T-Shirt

by Amarcato
$26 $20

Tags: heart, anime, club, host, highschool

Tags: ouran, tamaki, tamaki-suoh, host-club

Tamaki Suoh Baseball T-Shirt

by nokuthula
$26 $20

Tags: vic-mignogna, ouran-high-school-host-club, ouran, tamaki, animecute


For those who can't decide who is their favorite Host, why pick? You can sport all of them!

Tags: anime, senpai, bunbun, ouran-host-club, ouran-high-school-host-club

Kiss Kiss Fall In Love Baseball T-Shirt

by BlooeyedSpazz
$26 $20

kurome eating her snacks

Tags: legend-of-korra, code-geass, fate-stay-night, ouran-high-school-host-club, highschool-of-the-dead

kurome snacks Baseball T-Shirt

by animetreats
$26 $20

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