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Painting Baseball T-Shirts


The 1st Pocket Monster. Everyone's favorite grass starter. Overall badass vine whipper!

Tags: grass, geek, monster, green, fun

Bulbasaur Baseball T-Shirt

by S3NTRYdesigns

Here is the 2nd painting from my series based on the living legend himself, Mr. Murray!

Tags: leehoward, lee-howard, popart, art, parody


This hand lettered (er...finger painted?) design in red acrylic paint was inspired by Alphonse Elric's empty suit of armor.

Tags: anime, manga, otaku, fma, fmab

Empty Shell Baseball T-Shirt

by merimeaux

Tags: shine, art, watercolour, illustration, dogs

schnauzer Baseball T-Shirt

by mericming


Tags: hand, black-and-white, art, calligraphy, feather

Painting Baseball T-Shirt

by linesdesigns

Let it burn...

Tags: abstract, design, art, digital, illustration

Tags: rainbow, decoration, decorative, colors


Mountain painting art on canvas

Tags: brush, composition, watercolor, acrylic, paint


ABOUT K O S M O S O R I G I N S The passion for art fused to the constant search for a unique style. the art that you wear. in step with your dreams. EXPANDING THE INFINITY.

Tags: kosmosorigins, paint

Two minds one Baseball T-Shirt

by KosmosOrigins

Tags: dragon, atomic-breath, anime, japan, monster


Polar bear

Polar bear Baseball T-Shirt

by bubbsnugg

Tags: surreal, surrealism, dream, woman

Colors Baseball T-Shirt

by weroni

See my other feathered friends, here: Cheeky the Cockatiel: https://www.teepublic.com/show/396515-cheeky-the-cockatiel Riley the Raven: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/397827-riley-the-raven

Tags: owl, watercolor, space, nova, pastel

Nova the Owl Baseball T-Shirt

by AlexMathewsDesigns

My first pretty good attempt at figure painting

Tags: bun, lady-in-red, ladyinred, red, figure

Red Lady Baseball T-Shirt

by ArtsieSteph

Tags: texture, brush, oil, color, abstract

Tags: illustration, art, abstract, timdowling, digital-painting

Peeping Tom Baseball T-Shirt

by TimDowling

Tags: illustration, art, watercolour, african-wildlife, wildlife

Elephant Baseball T-Shirt

by canvaswolf

One of a kind

Tags: japanese, afro-hair, african, woman, male


Santa Claus Archery

Tags: joyfull, joy, funny, happy, merry


Artist paint brushes in a square frame.

Tags: bristles, dried, frame, messy, square

Artist Brushes Baseball T-Shirt

by crunchysqueak

Painting is my Superpower. What's yours ?

Tags: meme, job, power, super, superpower

Tags: scorpion, animal, animals, art, illustration

Mr. Scorpio Baseball T-Shirt

by MichaelHegarty

Tags: art, methamphetamine, crystal-meth, meth, heroin

Tags: colour, paint, artwork

Tags: love-birds, love, romantic, birds, typography

Love Birds Baseball T-Shirt

by Elena_ONeill

'I Do What I Want' watercolour painting

Tags: hand-drawn, typography, words, lettering, pretty

Tags: art, desire, modern, watercolor, sex

Mouth Baseball T-Shirt

by antos

On edge (Nervös) #1 #watercolor #art #teepublic

Tags: abstract, art, summer, stylish, hip


Art by Yetzenia Leiva “Be Still Fox” Gouache, Pencil, and Ink on Paper 2015 9″ x 12″

Tags: watercolor, gouache, klimt, gold, foxy

Be Still Fox Baseball T-Shirt

by YetzeniaLeiva

Tags: paint, artwork


Parody of "Saturn devouring his son".

Tags: sesame-street, geek, parody, shrek, gingy

Tags: colors, coriginal-art, original, artistic, art


Acrylic painting of the Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires City. This was created in a semi-graphical style of a degraded 3-colour separation process.

Tags: art, biblioteca-nacional, artwork, paint


Butterfly Fairy pastel art © 10/26/2015. Paulway Chew. All rights reserved.

Tags: princess, butterfly, valentines-day, christmas, pastel

Tags: photography, art, picture, table, restaurant

Lucky China Baseball T-Shirt

by alexxusnikole

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