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Psychoactive Baseball T-Shirts


I'm sure in reality an anthropomorphic shroom would be immune to its own hallucinogen, but I can't help but think somewhere out there in the fairy world there has to be some really crazy, trippin' shrooms seeing little blue people. "Dude! I'm totally trippin' my puffballs off!" With a little guidance, this drawing was created with my nephew and niece as they chose the colors and details. For example "Tongue in or out?" "Out!" http://www.artisticdyslexia.com/

Tags: mushroom, shroom, shrooms, hallucinogen, hallucinate

Trippin' Shroom Baseball T-Shirt

by ArtisticDyslexia
$26 $20

Magic mushrooms, Plants of Gods, Psychedelic, Trance, Goa, Acid

Tags: sorcery, fiction, science, art, space


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