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Roger American Dad Baseball T-Shirts



Tags: roger-american-dad, homer, futurama, bender


Remeber that episode of American dad when when they go back in time to get Hayleys a new kidney? well here is the last thing that her kidney ever said.

Tags: kidney, kidney-stones, failing, die, transplant


About a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques.

Tags: simpsons, simpson, skinner, bart, homer

Tags: disney-food, crossbones, jolly-roger, churro, pretzels


This Christmas show Dad how much he loves you! Proud dad from daughter

Tags: daddy, pop, father, funny, daughter


STEVE: I'm young, scrappy, and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my bat!

Tags: tv-series, tv-show, tv, horror, scifi-netflix

Tags: harleyquinn, superman, injustice, justice-league, gotham


Roger's wine from American Dad, episode Toy Whorey

Tags: dad, roger, stan-smith, rain-duck, greg-and-terry


Rogers: An American Hero is a musical about the life of the American Soldier Steve Rogers. Mashup of Captain America and Hamilton the musical.

Tags: avengers, comic, musical, usa, comics


Mr.Narwhal saying to Buddy the Elf "Bye Buddy, Hope you find your dad" from the Christmas movie Elf

Tags: holiday, humor, quote, funny, narhwal

Tags: donald-trump, trump-for-president, republican, anti-hillary, anti-hillary-clinton

Tags: sinestro, sinestro-corps, larfleeze, red-lantern-corps, lantern


Variation on the True Patriot design, customized per customer request

Tags: new-england-patriots, tom-brady, deflategate, national-football-league, pats

Tags: gwyn, knight-artorias, artorias-of-the-abyss, solaire-of-astora, artorias

Tags: sun-and-moon, path-of-totality, art-deco-illustration, art-deco-design, tarot-card

Tags: enemy-within, shen, vahlen, bradford, sectoid

Tags: tennis-federer, roger, tennis, tennis-roger-federer

Tags: circle, cash, rich, country, vintage

Tags: donald-trump, truth-in-humor, president-trump, politics, political


The Cornfather - Cornhole Dad shirt. A cool shirt for the Dad that loves to play corhole

Tags: fathers-day, papa, boss-of-the-toss, the-cornfather, daddy


Time's Up for silence, times up for discrimination and tolerating women harassment. Time to raise your voice against American women harassment with this #TimesUp graphic design. Join the peaceful protest and be a part of this movement. #TimesUp

Tags: timesup, womens-rights, american-women, women-empowerment, times-up-on-brutal-men


Fanart of babysitter of the year.

Tags: fanart, steve-harrington

Dad Steve Baseball T-Shirt

by casandrang

American Hair Stylist Flag and scissors


Man, sure I'm glad Crunchyroll made available the early adventure's of BORUTO'S DAD! Wasn't it fun to watch his adventures with Sarada's mom and Sarada's dad?

Tags: naruto-next-generations, uchiha, humor, naruto-shippuden, sasuke


Toon Bullets, Roger Rabbit

Tags: roger-rabbit, jessicarabbit, rogerrabbit, whoframedrogerrabbit, who-framed-rodger-rabbit


Q Anon The Storm Is Here Patriotic American Flag T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Mugs and more.

Tags: flag, usa, patriot, government, patriotism


Legendary American Dad


the Walking Dad If you need a colour change, or a modification to this design, feel free to contact me:*CheesyBee@gmx.com*

Tags: the-walking-dead, zombie-movies, car-window, the-living-dead, zombie-gifts


this is a mash up of american D and et ,hope u like!

Tags: dad, cartoons, roger, stan, tv

Tags: thomas-edward-patrick-brady, goat, brady, 12, football

Tags: eagle, eagles, bald-eagle, hawk, hawks

Roger Ramjet Baseball T-Shirt

by Djarumsuper16

American Lineman

Tags: lineman-wife, power-lineman, lineman-power-lineman, lineman-for-womens, lineman-girlfriend


If you are in the Basket of Deplorables, wear this tee with pride!

Tags: hillaryshealth, humor, h, basket, proud


If you are in the Basket of Deplorables, wear this tee with pride! Keep this conversation going!

Tags: if-you-are-in-the-basket-of-deplorables, hillary-clinton, red-white-blue, make-american-great-again, trump-pence


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