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Silencer Baseball T-Shirts


The ultimate sneaking suit alternative for the discerning spy

Tags: metal-gear-solid, metal-gear, solid-snake, big-boss, mgs

Tags: silencer, dota


This concept art show a future where everybody has their own personal robot. The robots has for years had various levels of artificial intelligence installed. This picture show the period of time where the robots are getting self aware. Many of those robots are refusing to download and install software upgrades because they are afraid of getting their minds altered. The robots that refuse are gradually becoming security risks, and the government have figured out that the easiest way of dealing with this is to shoot one round through each CPU of those rogue robots. The Bot Sniper seen in this picture is a robot that is not self aware. It is currently at its recharge station high up on a building in Manhattan. Manhattan is this robots area of operation.

Tags: headlight, clouds, new-york-city, recharge, boots


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