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Threadless Baseball T-Shirts


Under the Wave off Kanagawa lives a delicious monster. The real cause behind this wave, The Great Ramen!

Tags: vintage, illustration, food, godzilla, humor


Creature from the deep inspired design.

Tags: top-trend, graphic-design, threadless, artsy, graphic

Inked Baseball T-Shirt

by chestbox

This little hippo has eaten too much which has resulted in a trip to the emergency room!

Tags: hungry-hippo, hungry-hippos, animal, pop-culture, geek


Marceline the vampire queen

Tags: cartoons, threadless, red, vampires, cartoon


Rummaging in my grandfather's attic last weekend, I found an old trunk (that apparently had belonged to HIS grandfather) marked "Science Expedition - 1861". Inside, along with a wild assortment of outdated (and rather questionable) scientific instruments, was a selection of notes and illustrations, most of which had disintegrated with age. This diagram, showing the strata of the earth, was the only surviving document of their expedition.

Tags: art, earth, diagram, exploded-blueprint, schematic


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