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Startupfuckup Crewneck Sweatshirts


Official t-shirt of the start-up Furrify, featuring their official motto! Behold the value of big data!

Tags: fuckup, startup, gay, man, bear


The official t-shirt of the rapidly growing start-up, Furrify!

Tags: costume, sex, glasses, bear, startupfuckup

Furrify Crewneck Sweatshirt

by startupfup

Albeit appearing in the codex, this 'instant coffee machine' was only a humourous doodle between engineers. It satirizes how frequent orders of Frappucinos slowed Starbuck's efficiency in preparing real coffee. Brewed coffee has lost its staple status on the menu in the year 20XX. The caption below the drawing says: Mi rompi i coglioni! (Direct translation: to break someone's balls) An italian phrase to which you would use to let someone know that they are really getting on your nerves.

Tags: coffee, caffeine, startupfuckup, startup, starbucks-parody


Inspired by Evernote, a famous cross-platform note-taking app. Also affectionately called by it's loyal advocates as an 'extension of their brain.' The distinguishable elephant logo was based on the phrase 'an elephant never forgets.' It was redesigned to a deity-like statue with "OBEY" embossed on the headpiece. It's worth noting the fonts used were similar to activist Shepard Fairey's OBEY logo. In its entirety, the figure symbolizes following your notes and checklist religiously.

Tags: renaissance, codex, vitruvian, evernote, obey


Without any codes to decipher in the codex, experts are unsure if the author experimented with biological modification for weapons. This seemingly-quadrupedal monstrosity was named after the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) from Star Wars films (1970s).

Tags: star-wars, startupfuckup, startup, at-at, at-at-walker


2015 was a milestone for sneaker giant Nike when they finally demolished the brick wall that haunted them since 2011. The Nike Mag, aka Back to the Future sneakers, with a breakthrough self-lacing technology like the eponymous film. The challenge of recreating technology from Back to the Future II creeped again into year 20XX. In the movie, Mr. Fusion a home energy generator from the future was fueled by extracting hydrogen atoms from garbage. The energy was then used to power the flux capacitor for time traveling. While time traveling still remains sci-fi, the Mr. Fusion concept of converting energy is not. Although the Flux Capacitor is an inaccurate inspiration, the nickname rings a bell among film aficionados.

Tags: davinci, sketch, codex, renaissance, flux-capacitor


SpaceX, a private aerospace company, successfully propelled the human race to interplanetary achievements. The sketch was based on a famous photograph in year 20XX. Elon Musk was sitting outside the cockpit of Falcon X's first flight while orbiting around Mars. The name given to this codex page also serves as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick's classic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Tags: occupy-mars, tesla, elon-musk-occupy-mars, startup, startupfuckup


Named after the movie franchise released between 2001 - 20XX, The Fast and The Furious catapulted to mainstream a once underground culture of street racing. Despite being a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, the prototype was not made for transportation. The exposed engine's massive size blocks most of the windshield's peripheral. Instead, it was believed to be a make-shift rocket launcher harnessing the engine's power.

Tags: tokyo-drift, fast-5, fast-and-furious-movie, street-racing, racing


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