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Supermarket Goods Shelf Crewneck Sweatshirts


Fantastic Beasts - This design was inspired by JK Rowling's Wizarding world. A follow on screenplay to Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts follows the story of Newt Salamander and features other cool beasts along the way including the Ocammy shown in the pie on this design. Jacob Kowalski was an American No-Maj who opened Kowalski Quality baked good in 1920s New York. This typography design includes the art deco style of the period.

Tags: potterheads, potterhead, horcruxes, horcrux, slytherin-locket


Created for TeePublic's art deco contest and inspired by Fantastic Beasts.

Tags: artdecocontest, artdeco, tpartdecocontest, kowalski-bakery, fantastic-beasts

Tags: harry-potter, beasts, jk-rowling, baked-good, bakery

Tags: merry, gnome, dwarf, faery, fairy


Tom's ill fated run as quiz master can be immortalised with this piece of magic!! The offensive impression you'll have to do yourself.

Tags: gameshow, humor, comedy, podcast, britain


dobby from harry potter as the elf on a shelf

Tags: elf-on-a-shelf, puns, gryffindor, hogwarts, dobby


self explanatory

Tags: humor, cool, too-good, best-seller, funny

Tags: the-dresden-files, dresden-files, harry-dresden, bob, bob-the-skull

Tags: banner, flyer, vintage, retro, wear

Quality Goods Crewneck Sweatshirt

by viSionDesign

Self explanatory

Tags: gift, silly, personal, gifts, damaged

Tags: omaha, nebraska, nostalgia, food, grocery-store

Tags: quote, tv-series, text-graphics, nicole-haught, text


A kitchen shelf

Tags: nicsquirrell, illustration, design, art, food

Tags: typography, lyrics, music, the-clash, quotes


It doesn't matter if you're saving the world one punch at a time, you just can't miss those supermarket sales.

Tags: lord-boros, funny, fubuki, superhero, japanese

Tags: retro, 80s, defunct, vintage, retail-stores


Plaster your very own Rotom Dex on all your belongings! Just remember to be gentle!

Tags: ghost, rotom, moon, sun


The recipe for how this works is a secret... and if you ever want to see your family again, just keep quiet and enjoy the cookies.


nj mart supermarket. Inspired by the 2013 movie "World War Z". nj mart supermarket - for medication and supplies during zombie attacks. Please note that the print is deliberately distressed to give an aged, retro appearance.

Tags: zombies, zombie, zombie-apocalypse, the-walking-dead, world-war-z


What's on your Dork Shelf?

Tags: comics, video-games, tv, movies, shelves

Tags: text, nicole-haught, quote, text-graphics, tv-series


Kelp futures are looking up, my good man!

Tags: monocle, octopus-cartoon, tentacles, underwater, top-hat


This funny Christmas elf tee shirt is great for a strong-willed independent woman. Makes a great birthday gift for a women who has a birthday in December. Is perfect for wearing during the holiday season, while Christmas shopping, trimming the tree or just for a bit of holiday humor and fun.

Tags: dirty-dancing-quote, feminist, birthday-gift-ideas-for-women, christmas-birthday-gift-for-fathermotherboyfriend-or-girlfriend, christmas-gift-for-girl


The series #1 of the Tiny Baked Goods T-shirts. Tiny Baked Goods is a tiny bakery in Duvall, Washington that ships tiny baked goods all over the USA. www.tinybakedgoods.com

Tags: cake-pops, cakes, cookies, washington, wa

Tags: bookworms, read, bookcomunity, booknerds, booknerd


Buddy is the only Elf on a Shelf that I want.

Tags: patrick-scullin, parody, will-ferrell, xmas, christmas

Tags: newt-scamander, magical-creatures, kowalski, bakery, harry-potter


Treat yourself, by treating your shelf.

Tags: reader, bookworm, bookish, nikkithereader, reading

Treat Yo Shelf Crewneck Sweatshirt

by keepholdingontobooks

Located on 443 Riverton St. New York, NY. Jacob Kowalski's fantastic bakery has been delighting us with his baked goods and confections since 1926!

Tags: fantastic-beasts, jacob-kowalski, j-k-rowling, harry-potter, wizarding-world

Tags: reading-books, funny, pun, books-pun, library


Advert for Kowalski's bakery from Fantastic Beasts.

Tags: digital, art, jkrowling, harry-potter, fantasy

Tags: shelfies, novel, author, storyteller, bookstore


an xmas design for stranger things fans

Tags: 80s, netflix, santa-claus, demogorgon, elf-on-a-shelf

Tags: bookish, book-lover, book-nerd, bookworm, reading

Tags: librarian, books, library, bookworm, bookstore


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