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Mysterion Hoodies


KAPOW ! - Mysterion Minimalist

Tags: kenny, mysterion, south-park

Mysterion Hoodie

by Oblivion

(fanmade comic cover of Mysterion!! yay)

Tags: comic, eric-cartman, the-coon, mysterion-rises, stan

Mysterion zine Hoodie

by lilyakkuma

Tags: the-fractured-but, the-coon, kenny-mccormick, eric-cartman, coon-and-friends

Mysterion City Hoodie

by toastmonsters
Main Tag

"The city needs my help. It cries for protection, and I will answer the call to save her"

Tags: tv-shows, movies, south-park, southpark, parody

Mysterion Rises Hoodie

by DogartComics

Based on the episode of South Park titled "Mysterion Rises", in which the Goth Kids are revealed to be part of the cult that welcomes Cthulhu's uprising. The text below them is a quote from the episode, too! Also this work is dedicated to an online buddy of mine, a fellow artist whose username is BloodyWilliam.

Tags: lovecraft, parody, mysterion rises, cthulhu, goth kids

Tags: south-park-shirt, southpark, funny, heroes, kids

Tags: southpark, cartman, kenny, stan, kyle

Super Kenny Hoodie

by Soulkr

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