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Delay Kids Hoodies


just one season more and i'll do my homework =D

Tags: netflix

Procrastinate Kids Hoodie

by LegendaryPhoenix

Can Delay Kids Hoodie

by theduke69
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Inspired by the ambient echoes of the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay pedal, this design offers a simplified and stylised rendering that would look awesome on any guitarist's chest.

Tags: music, guitar, pedal, electric-guitar, effect

Tags: put-off, unfinished, delay, procrastination


“Instead of stretching these projects out for twenty years, we thought, let’s get it done within ten years. And I think we’re going to be able to do that.” - TXDOT chief engineer Bobby Littlefield "[Construction] is going to be intense for the next four years — there’s no way around that, it’s going to be a bear.” - TXDOT spokeswoman Jodi Wheatley “TxDOT lacks standard, effective remedies to address poor performance by construction contractors." - Sunset Advisory Commission report Contractor concerns: Officials monitoring James Construction http://www.tdtnews.com/news/article_ec3f1188-5f2b-11e5-be7a-87619823ec41.html

Tags: delay, i35, taxes, waste, overrun

I Barrel Texas (Classic) Kids Hoodie

by guest5sgc8dcnnousoenpin6g

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