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Numerals Kids Hoodies


sign language, gang gang

Tags: hachi, 8, number, sign-language, roman

Eight Sign Hands Kids Hoodie

by OHachi
$36 $30

This design features the numerals of Pi written in ripped paper style text. The heading reads Bad ∏ because the last digit is wrong. It should be a 2 (or rounded up to a 3).

Tags: pi, incorrect, mathematics, pi-day, bad-pi

Bad Pi Kids Hoodie

by mailboxdisco
$36 $30
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Tags: mystery, symbol, mathematics, positive, symbolism

Love - numbers Kids Hoodie

by Pinna_Ardens
$36 $30

WARNING! THIS GRAPHIC T-SHIRT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME VIEWERS DUE TO EXTREME NUMBER VIOLENCE. PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN COUNTING OUT LOUD. Why was six afraid of seven? 'Because Seven ATE Nine! This was one of our favorite childood jokes, and a great way to learn about homophones!

Tags: pun-jokes, pun-joke, number-joke, numbes-joke, numbersjoke

Why was six afraid of seven? Kids Hoodie

by House_Of_HaHa
$36 $30

Tags: lozenge, numerals, numbers, futuristic, rounded

45 Warm Kids Hoodie

by Ekliptik
$36 $30

Animal Numbers

Tags: art, numerals, abstract, colorful, animal

Animal Numbers Kids Hoodie

by Aine_Creative_Designs_3
$36 $30

Its new year so fill it with exciting goals, from getting healthier to travelling the world.

Tags: typography, numerals, goals, new-years-resolution, 2018-designs

2018 Kids Hoodie

by saif
$36 $30

Tags: nerd, chromatic, hipster, fire, chemestry

Keep away from me! Kids Hoodie

by Dellan
$36 $30

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