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Animosity Kids T-Shirts


Again? Another night sweet blissful heaven-on-earth cuddle time ruined by this great wall of happiness-crushing animosity. This means war. This pillow has to go. After observing the pillow for nights with the footage you've collected on your secret camera. You realize the pillow is in fact alive and takes pleasure in preventing you from cuddling your beloved. Throwing it away wouldn't help as it would just crawl back over to its same spot night after night. You could cut it up but then it would just re-assemble itself. So the only logical thing to do is go on a vacation with your man to Hawaii. Climb to the top of a volcano with him and toss the little green devil into the lava. Cuddling time will never be ruined ever again.

Tags: anger, angry, wrath, girlfriend, boyfriend


"Can you feel it? My animosity?"

Tags: anime, shonen, animosity, white-poison, 100-percent

100% Animosity Kids T-Shirt

by Eman
$18 $14

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