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Dralangrant Kids T-Shirts

Tags: jurassic-park, jurassic-world, jurassicpark, t-rex, prehistoric


Come along on a adventure 65million years in making. Find yourself in a world of prehistoric beasts, tropical jungles, waterfalls, Abraham Lincoln, dinosaur poop, and 90's technology. "Ooh - Ahh" that's how it will start, but then later there's "Wee & HooHoo". When the animals get loose, it's every homie for himself.

Tags: jurassic-park, samuel-l-jackson, mr-arnold, dr-statler, ellie-statler

Jurassic Time Kids T-Shirt

by RangerRob
$18 $14

The king lives in stone.

Tags: pokemon, jurassic-park, kalos-league, whirl-islands, orange-league

King rex Kids T-Shirt

by paintchips
$18 $14

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