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Peppermint Patty Kids T-Shirts


Inspired by Peanuts and my girlfriend.

Tags: peppermint, shana, peanuts, parody, cartoon


#1 advocate since 1966!

Tags: pride, charliebrown, peppermint-patty


When I was a child, cartoons led me to my love of art. As a teen, video games led me to my love of animation. This design is an homage to a pair of very big influences I credit for guiding me into art and design.

Tags: charlie-brown, peanuts, protoman, megaman, capcom

ProtoBlanket Kids T-Shirt

by GuntherTee

Say my name!

Tags: charlie-brown, peanuts, no suggestions found!, breaking b

Tags: peanuts, snoopy, woodstock, friends, cartoon

Identity Check Kids T-Shirt

by FunkyTurtle

Tags: woodstock, the-peanuts, charliebrown, peanuts-gang, charles-schulz

Kick Me! Kids T-Shirt

by lwjones

Get fit with Peppermint Patty. Let everyone know who has the best workouts!

Tags: fit, exercise, workout, snoopy, charlie-brown

Tags: the-peanuts, charles-schulz, charliebrown, snoopy, peanuts-gang


Li'l Folks was the first comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, in which Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters appeared for the first time. On this illustration you can see Charlie Brown, Snoopy and... oh, I bet you can recognize them all!

Tags: woodstock, charlie-brown, snoopy, peppermint-patty, linus

Tags: charles-shultz, iconic, snoopy-the-beagle, friendship, pixar-up

UP UP and AWAY Kids T-Shirt

by HollieBallardArtist

You don't need anything else to recognize the good ol' Charlie Brown. :-) Charles Schulz created the Peanuts strip in the '50 and now there's even an excellent 3D movie... Sorry, just for kids or adults who love yellow. ;D

Tags: retro-cartoons, peppermint-patty, vintage, cartoons, woodstock

Peanuts Art Kids T-Shirt

by FbsArts

How to conquer a woman's heart? Do you know?

Tags: snoopy, woodstock, the-peanuts, charliebrown, peanuts-gang

Charlie's Heart Kids T-Shirt

by alexandrereisart

The Dogtor and Peppermint Donna, a mighty duo!

Tags: donna, dogtor, the-doctor, whovian, doctorwho


Look out for Boba Fett in this Star Wars/Peanuts mashup Parody T-Shirt

Tags: peanuts, parody, star wars, snoopy, peppermint patty


This mashup of Peanuts and The Thing depicts Charlie Brown as RJ MacReady and Snoopy as the Dog-Thing.

Tags: snoopy, woodstock, linus, charles-schulz, its-the-great-pumpkin-charlie-brown

Tags: dog, charliebrown, linus, charles-schulz, schulz

Landscape b/w Kids T-Shirt

by EarwenFelagund

Tags: peppermint-patty, charlie-brown, mystery-machine, cartoon-network, norville-shaggy-rogers

Tags: dog, cool, snoopy, snoopydoo, all-peanuts

Tags: dog, woodstock, the-peanuts, linus, charliebrown

snoopy Kids T-Shirt

by Vanzan

The autentic Krabby Patty!!!

Tags: geek, humor, cartoons, funny, sponge bob

Tags: cool, peanuts, charlie-brown, snoopy, woodstock

Tags: propaganda, dog, good-grief, charles-schulz, peppermint-patty

Tags: schulz, good-grief, its-the-great-pumpkin-charlie-brown, peppermint-patty, great-pumpkin

Snoopy Mike Kids T-Shirt

by Titius

Peppermint - Peppermint

Tags: peppermint, gay, icon, tv, race

Peppermint Kids T-Shirt

by aespinel

Tags: funny, pocket, pop-culture, tv-shows, adventure-time


You NEEEED Patty. Patty comes with benefits.

Tags: leslie-jones, patty-tolan, ghostbuster, ghost-busters

Patty Kids T-Shirt

by PageBranson

Peppermint Unicorns

Tags: unicorn, unicorny, unicorns, peppermint

Peppermint Unicorns Kids T-Shirt

by Thatssounicorny

A cute dancing hamburger cartoon

Tags: statement, slogan, text, logo, pop-culture

Let's Patty! Kids T-Shirt

by BoggsNicolas

It's Patty Spivot!

Tags: arrow, flash, the-flash, barry-allen, reverse-flash

Patty Spivot! Kids T-Shirt

by Galeaettu

Christmas Life Peppermint

Tags: small-world, peppermint-mocha, starbucks, waltdisneyworldresort, waltdisneyworld

Tags: selma-bouvier, the-simpsons, simpsons, homer, simpson

Patty Can Do It Kids T-Shirt

by VintageTeeShirt

HISSSSSSSSSSS This is what happen when PB isn't around and Cinnamon Bun has deserted her for the Fire Kingdom.

Tags: finn-and-jake, pop-culture, geek, princess-bubblegum, adventure-time

Tags: art, illustration, twitch, charizard, blastoise


Tis the season to get a warm cup of peppermint mocha pup! Get your cute pup in a cup today!

Tags: holiday-season, holidays, christmas, candy-cane, peppermint-candy-cane


You can do it! you just need a little "encouragement"!

Tags: food, jason-piperberg, funny, humour, humorous


It's paddy not patty ye goat

Tags: irish, st-patrick, saint-patrick, paddy, patty


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