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Pointed Brim Kids T-Shirts


Sure, it may not seem like a very good reward for all that insult sword-fighting, but did you know that this t-shirt is scientifically proven to help heal wounds (both to the body and ego) 20% faster than other garments? No, you didn't, because I just made that up. Still, it might be true.

Tags: pc-games, video-games, the-secret-of-monkey-island, guybrush-threepwood, scumm

Pointed Witticism Kids T-Shirt

by TransmitHim

Tags: funny, logo, design, parody, a-pointed


A symmetrical star-shaped design!

Tags: star, symmetrical, symmetry


A symbol of many religions, alchemy, and the occult. Probably more popularly known as the symbol of the faith of the seven gods in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Tags: star, heptagram, got, seven, alchemy


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