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Tipograpy Kids T-Shirts


Hafiz / Hafez inspiring spiritual quote of God's potential for you, the astonishing light of your own being. Shine bright, shine your light, reach your potential, be what God intended you to be. Persian / Iranian poet philosopher Hafiz / Hafez beautiful spiritual positive thinking quote.

Tags: happy, positive, quotes, motivation, inspire


Black text that says "Be like a potron. Positive, even when surrounded by negatives". There is also a black silhouette of an atom.

Tags: humor, quotes, atom-illustration, physics-humor, scientist

Tags: humor, mood, slogan, kawaii, funny

B positive Kids T-Shirt

by wawawiwa

Tags: strong-man, attitude, positive-attitude, vintage, tipograpy

I can...and I will Kids T-Shirt

by Jaume_Tenes

When I read the challenge description of Be bold this is came in my mind "Oh,I must think in a cool message, but I gues I dont have nothing to say". I hope you enjoy.

Tags: tipo, tipograpy, tipography, design, vintage


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