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Gonagai Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: grendizer-ufo-robot, atlas-ufo-robot, actarus, grendizer, goldrake


The Go Nagai all stars!

Tags: japanimation, japan, vintage, retro, manga

Tags: gonagai, go-nagai, getter-robot, getterrobot, getter-1

Tags: comic, japan, japanese, classic, nagai

DEVIL Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Irissempi

Tags: getter 2, getter2, ayato gin, getter robot, getterrobot


A color portrait of the mighy Mazinger Z, the first of the classic japanese super robot created by Go Nagai, with japanese writing.

Tags: go-nagai, cartoon, anime, mazinga, goldrake


papercraft Robot

Tags: mecha, gonagai, dairugerxiv, giants, papercraft

Tags: nagai, benkei, go-nagai, go nagai, gonagai

Tags: go-nagai, gonagai, go-naga, getterrobot, getter


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