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Pokemon Heart Gold Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Misty isn't my favorite but gosh darn do I love her design in Heart Gold and Soul Silver!!!

Tags: pokemon, pokemon-heart-gold, misty, cerulean-city


"Umbreon evolved as a result of exposure to the moon's waves. It hides silently in darkness and waits for its foes to make a move. The rings on its body glow when it leaps to attack."

Tags: nintendo, gamefreak, pokemon, pokmon, videogames

#197 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by NerdsDoingNerdyThings

Tags: pokemon-soul-silver, soulsilver, heartgold, pokemon-heart-gold, pokeball

Tags: pokemon, pokemon-go, pokemon-leaf-green, pokemonxy, gyms

Moon Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by FernyDesigns

Tags: pokemon, lugia, soul-silver, pokemon-soul-silver, heart-gold

Tags: pokemon, ho-oh, soul-silver, pokemon-soul-silver, pokemon-heart-gold

Tags: rainbow, pokemon, pokemon-go, pokemon-gyms, pokemon-trainers

Valor Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by BSouthern


Tags: compton, nwa, geeky, cool, nice


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