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Purple Hair Long Sleeve T-Shirts


A woman in a purple dress sits on a giant pink kitten after being struck in the heart with an arrow.

Tags: kitten, pink-cat, shot-through-the-heart, purple


Purple Hair Illustration

Tags: hair, woman, portrait-woman, line-illustration, hairsylist

Purple Hair Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by njikshik
$22 $15

Tags: quotes, cool, holiday, quote, fun


On an adventure? I'll come with!

Tags: anime-face, animecute, manga, anime

Tags: cool, quotes, funny, holiday, design

Tags: geek, fun, cartoon, abstract, novelty

Tags: quotes, cool, art, design, geek

Tags: fun, cool, art, novelty, cartoon

Tags: funny, holiday, fun, quote, quotes

Tags: art, cartoon, gift, novelty, holiday

Tags: design, quotes, cartoon, art, cool

Tags: quotes, holiday, geek, cool, funny

Tags: fun, cool, geek, quote, holiday

Tags: novelty, design, abstract, gift, cool

Tags: gift, art, quotes, design, novelty

Tags: fun, gift, funny, quotes, cool

Tags: fun, funny, cool, geek, cartoon

Tags: novelty, cartoon, quote, design, geek

Tags: cool, funny, geek, quote, fun

Tags: novelty, funny, art, design, gift

Tags: art, quote, cartoon, gift, novelty


A purple hair woman finds herself riding and captured by a short-legged snake.

Tags: snake, serpent, snakes, purple-hair

Tags: girl, purple-hair, soft-grunge, pastel-goth, pastel-hair

Bubblegum B Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by SophieJewel
$22 $15

Tags: gothic-girl-skeleton, gothic, girl, goth, dark



Tags: girl, marina-diamandis, electra-heart, matd, marina-and-the-diamonds

Bubblegum B*#%& Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by SophieJewel
$22 $15

Photomanipulation/ digital illustration of clown girl in purple

Tags: clown, clown-girl, girl, woman, female

Clown Girl Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Nicklas81
$22 $15

Tags: cartoon-network, purple-hair, cartoon, enid

OK KO - Enid Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by 8bitmonkey
$22 $15

A portrait of a witch

Tags: witch, goth, gothic, punk, red-eyes

Purple Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Nekrokat
$22 $15


Tags: ok-ko, purple-hair, cartoon-network, sexy, enid


This tattooed lady is all about the curves.

Tags: piercings, black, purple-hair, tattoos, erotic

Violet Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by PoesUnderstudy
$22 $15

Magic happens! This tshirt would make a great Birthday gift or Christmas gift for men, women, or kids who love the beautiful and unique mystical creatures known as unicorns. I believe in unicorns! Show everyone who thinks unicorns are mythical beasts that unicorns are in fact real with this tee shirt that features a hand drawn artist sketch of a majestic animal with purple hair.

Tags: unicorns, magic, animals, animal, mythical

Tags: harness, witch-boots, witches-hat, spells, magic

Spider Witch Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by SurlySquirrel
$22 $15


Tags: mintoc, mintmint, original-character, oc, girl

OC1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by mintmintdoodles
$22 $15

Huriyah & Red Panda T-Shirt. An character design, a blue faced and purple haired girl with red panda. Huriyah is an arabic word for nymph, houry or angel.

Tags: design, huriyah, red-panda, girl, purple


This creepily adorable coffee-scented elf is luring you to buy this bittersweet flavored piece of magical garment.

Tags: coffee, drink, caffeine, i-love-coffee, elves

THE COFFEE ELF Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by YartzanaSerenade
$22 $15

Tags: snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs, snowwhite, purple-hair, elf, fight


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