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Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes!

Tags: dniken, hatcher, david, gods, chariots

Ancient Astronaut Onesie

by HelenaCooper
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If you think a beer is too mainstream, I’d suggest to ask for a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat. It’s a reference to the Simpson’s episode “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” (Season 5 Episode 1). This line even inspired a real cocktail. Seriously, google it!

Tags: id-suggest-to-ask-for-a-single-plum-floating-in-perfume-served-in-a-mans-hat-its-a-reference-to-the-simpsons-episode-homers-barbershop-quartet-season-5-episode-1-this-line-even-inspired-a-real-cocktail-seriously, serve, beer, alcohol, joke

A Single Plum Onesie

by m1a2

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