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Artisan Phone Cases


The company who brought you Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Glow Rings

Tags: glow, tyrannosaurus, ring, prehistoric, dinosaurs

Celestial Rex Phone Case

by radbadchad

RACCOONS. Are they cuddly cute little woodland creatures that you want as a pet? Or are they nocturnal scavengers more likely to give you rabies than a hug? Either way don't you think their adorable sweet masked faces and weird bandit hands are worth keeping around? Show your support with this funny cute environmentally friendly SAVE THE TRASH PANDAS t-shirt. If you're in the woods in nature or in the city this summer, you'll want these funny night owls to know you're a friend. This shirt features a raccoon, a nighttime mammal known for it's cute face and garbage-eating behavior, earning it the hilarious humorous internet meme nickname trash panda. This hip artisan specialty handmade design shows off both your humor and your trend-setting fashion. In this comfortable soft tee, you'll be your own spirit animal. Stylish, comfortable and modern designed tshirt. Save the Trash Pandas! Show your raccoon love.

Tags: and-youth-sizes-and-a-variety-of-colors, all-printed-in-the-usa-this-features-a-raccoon, a-nighttime-mammal-known-for-its-cute-face-and-garbage-eating-behavior, earning-it-the-hilarious-humorous-internet-meme-nickname-trash-panda-this-hip-artisan-specialty-handmade-design-shows-off-both-your-humor-and-your-trend-setting-fashion-in-this-comfortable-soft, trash-panda


Show your skills through crafting different materials. This would also make a great gift for your girlfriend or your loved one who has the crafting powers that can turn objects into masterpieces!

Tags: artisan, sewing-lover, knitting, crafting, crocheting


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