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Best Of Women Phone Cases

Tags: lagertha, vikings


BB8 and baby Groot: could be this one the best couples ever?

Tags: droids, sci-fi, kawaii, baby, gotg

Best pals in the galaxy Phone Case

by IdeasConPatatas

Tags: shield-maiden, ugly-sweater, christmas-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater, vikings


A small selection of badass lady scientists from across the centuries. Row 1: Rosalind Franklin (Biophysics), Marie Curie (Chemistry, Physics), Chien-Shiung Wu (Physics) Row 2: Emilie du Chatelet (Mathematics, Physics), Mae Jemison (Medicine, Astronaut!), Vera Rubin (Astronomy) Row 3: Ada Lovelace (Computing, Mathematics), Maria Sibylla Merian (Natural History, Entomology), and Lise Meitner (Physics).

Tags: marie curie, chien-shiung-wu, emilie-du-chatelet, mae-jemison, vera-rubin

Tags: girl, motivational, lettering, powerful, human-rights

Successful women Phone Case

by risarodil

Tags: lagertha, norse, nordic, norse-god, norse-mythology

Main Tag

Tags: shield-maiden, vikings


Inspired by my extensive collection of both traditional and creative Kokeshi, blended with my love of nerd culture, I offer this design inspired by Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala and Jyn Erso from Star Wars The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars, Star Wars IV-VI, Star Wars I-III, and Rogue One in the style of Japanese Kokeshi dolls by myself, Danica Bergagnini.

Tags: too-cute, danicaart, danica-bergagnini, pop-culture, nerd


If you want this design in a different color font or background please email me here: xena@teepublic.com!

Tags: politics, presidential-election, elect-women, elect, president

Elect Women 2 Phone Case

by xenapulliam

Gina Linetti of the 99 knows best

Tags: gina-linetti, andy-samberg, brooklyn-99, captain-holt, detective-peralta


The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. - Buddy the Elf

Tags: christmas, christmas-movie, cute, funny, spread-christmas-cheer


The Must-Have Sweater for the Holiday Season!!

Tags: luke-skywalker, princess-leia, rogue-one, star-wars, obi-wan

Best Christmas Ever Phone Case

by DCVisualArts

Check out Men of the Whedonverse https://www.teepublic.com/show/11894-men-of-the-whedonverse

Tags: angel, firefly, serenity, dollhouse, avengers


She is the best Frog girl. Follow me on Twitter @SarahR_Art Also on NS: http://www.neatoshop.com/product/Best-Frog-Girl

Tags: techranova, my, cute, frog-girl, manga

Best Frog Girl Phone Case

by TechraNova

"Never knows best.."

Tags: philadelphia, 76ers, nba

NBA Jam – Best Buds Phone Case

by OptionaliTEES

Tags: phrase, word, silly, funny, west virginia


So, my “World’s Best Dungeon Master” version of this was taken down by Wizards of the cost on redbubble, for what I assume was the use of a fan-font that emulated the 5th Edition logo, I’ve gone and edited the font to another free to use font that fits the design, and added a slight modification of adding Star’s to make it a bit cuter~ I’m hoping that this will be the last time something like this happens, given redbubble and teespring are currently my only source of income, which does not give a lot, I am sad to say, but given some research and found that “Dungeon Master” is actually also under their copyright, but given the many other designs that use the title, I suspect this should be fine now. However it did spark me to create a “World’s Best Game Master” version of the design, since it’s apparently more neutral, and also much more widely used, I figured it be a nice thing to add for those that don’t just play D&D.

Tags: master, game, game-master, dragon, d20

Tags: fantasy, final-fantasy-vi, videogames, rpg, famicom


Song Lyrics - Hamilton the Musical

Tags: musical-theater-gifts, alexander-hamilton, broadway-musical, musical-theater, song-lyrics


Wonder woman passing the torch to a new wonder woman, perfect for mothers and daughters.

Tags: mythology, greek-gods, modern-age, goddess, amazonian

2 Wonder Women Phone Case

by drawingnikki

Do you have a devil of a court case? Then contact the law firm of Nelson & Murdock today and find out why we have been called “the best damn avocados in New York!” We speak Punjabi!

Tags: comic, dardevil, foggy-nelson, matt-murdock, tv

Tags: south-park-shirt, southpark, funny, heroes, kids


Well behaved women rarely make history t-shirt design. Perfect feminist t-shirt to support women.

Tags: history, women, feminist, feminism, female


Best ugly christmas sweater Happy Festivus

Tags: anti-christmas, anti-xmas, ugly-xmas, ugly-christmas, ugly-christmas-sweater


No power in the 'verse can stop her

Tags: pop-culture, serenity, browncoats, shiny


"It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!"

Tags: best-of-times, blurst-of-times, monkey, tobias, moe

Best Of Times Phone Case

by rockbottomaustralia

Tags: wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked, shiz, oz, broadway


Hanamuras #1 Ramen Restaurant. Rikimaru Ramen, hanzo and genji's favourite Ramen in the city

Tags: dota-2, food, video-game, games, blizzard


Time's Up for silence, times up for discrimination and tolerating women harassment. Time to raise your voice against American women harassment with this #TimesUp graphic design. Join the peaceful protest and be a part of this movement. #TimesUp

Tags: timesup, womens-rights, american-women, women-empowerment, times-up-on-brutal-men


We are strong. We are many. Wear it proudly.

Tags: bloodborne, you-died-died-dark-souls-dark-souls-3-dark-souls-2-dark-souls-games-video-games-ps4-xbox-xbox-one-playstation-death-dying, you-died, darksoulsfanart, souls


For fans of this group of well-known women designers. If you recall, the Sugarbakers of Atlanta opened their own interior design company. The four women - Julia Sugarbaker, Suzanne Sugarbaker, Charlene Frasier Stillfield and Mary Jo Shively - took on any job they could find, always completing the task with class and wit.

Tags: suzanne sugarbaker, sugarbakers, sugarbaker design firm, meshach taylor, mary jo shively

Tags: art, illustration, design, christmas, gift

Man's Best Friend Phone Case

by ThePipeDreamer

Grandpa and Grandson best friends for life

Tags: grandpa-pillow, funny-grandpa, grandpa-funny, grandpa-and-grandson, if-grandpa-can-fix-it

Tags: vegeta, majin-vegeta, saiyan, dragon-ball, goku


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