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Condoms Phone Cases


finest raincoats made... quality good from murfner industries.

Tags: parody, spoof, fun, penis, latex-products


Calm down, lady! You just get out of prison?

Tags: st-olaf, st.-olaf, condoms-condoms-condoms, shady-pines, humour

Condoms, Rose! Phone Case

by Ellador

You've kikied with your girls over cheesecake. You've slept with their ex-husbands. Hell, even your children have slept with one another. I guess the only way to get closer now is to shop for condoms together! Dorothy and Blanche want the lambskins. But of course you want the ultra sensitive. In black. Leave it to Dorothy to flip out and call attention to the scene though. Ah well. She's got no one. And you have Miles. And he's tall. I bet you bought the black because you thought it would be slimming. Oh Rose. Dear, sweet, imbecilic Rose. Hand me that newspaper...

Tags: safe-sex, retro, nostalgia, pop-culture, geek


Pocket - Preservative.

Tags: best-selling, laugh, sexual, condoms, best-seller

Tags: big-hands, latex-rubber, latex-products, jerry-seinfield, stand-up

Vandelay Industries Phone Case

by MindsparkCreative
Main Tag

Adult humor quotes with some sarcasm are very popular, because of their straightness. Make a cute and funny gift to your friend and make them smile!

Tags: adult-clothing, adult, funny-quote, funny-sayings, condoms


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