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Connected Phone Cases


Through Time and Space the connection remains.

Tags: the-doctor, doctorwho, dayofthedoctor, timelord, whovian

Connected Phone Case

by RebelArt

Tags: douglasadams, read, reading, everythingisconnected, holistic

Everything Is Connected Phone Case

by SMasondeDesigns

Tags: corgi, corgis, chibi-corgi, dog, dog-lover

Main Tag

This shirt has a new-age connected heart, with wires coming in and out from it. Perfect tee for lovers who still are in search of their other half. Loving people around you is the best therapy to get rid of negativity and bad vibes. Attract good and positive vibes using this tee as a love hook!

Tags: cool, tentacle, tentacles, squid, octopus


Inspiring words from the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Tags: neil-degrasse-tyson, neil degrasse tyson, space, science, biology

Tags: star-trek, nerd, science-chemistry-nerdy-fun, science-olympiad, sport-science


But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. Share you *subtle* love of Disney's Pocahontas with this sweeeeet tee!

Tags: disney-animation, walt-disney-world, disneyland, disney-world, kellydesigncompany


Two trees in front of each other with their roots growing together. Business collaboration teamwork and growth. Strong partnership and foundation as a business concept

Tags: growth, environment, grass, friendship, frame

nature works together Phone Case

by psychoshadow

Tags: shark, cat, connected, tv-shows, freak


everything is connected

Tags: holistic, detective, gently, geek, parody


Balance means harmony. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CAN'T DECIDE ON A COLOR? yuniku suggests * Creme * White and * Asphalt for Shirts/Tops/Hoodies! Thank you for your support!

Tags: god, equilibrium, mind, soul, body

Unity Phone Case

by yuniku

Opening sequence design for Dirk Gently Season 2. Everything is connected somehow, you just need to follow the clues.

Tags: tv-shows, netflix, tv, design, illustration


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