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Copernicus Phone Cases


The earth is nothing but a silly little blue-green ball to the sun, and this guy, Nicolaus Copernicus (Keep up plebs) is the Sun's marketing genius. The earth thought it could barge right in and claim that it was the center of the solar system! Hah! Sheer foolishness. Some want to believe the earth is the center, or that it's better than the sun, or even that it's flat! Ridiculousness. Some men think these things, and others.. just want to watch the world turn.

Tags: funny, copernicus, earth, science, planet


Model of Solar System with Earth in the middle. Copernicus was the first one to discover that Sun was in the middle, and not Earth.

Tags: copernicus, old-solar-system, old, planets, stars

Heliocentric Phone Case

by valsymot

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