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Darien Phone Cases


Sailor Venus, of the Sailor Scouts, surrounded by her crescent light element, in a distressed style

Tags: sailormoon, sailor-moon, sailor-scouts, sailor-moon-crystal, sailor-venus


She fights evil by moonlight, and wins love by daylight. ...But the duality's a really tough job with crushing responsibility.

Tags: girl, 80s, 90s-cartoons, tv-shows, pop-culture

Tags: sailor-senshi, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, roses, darien-shields

Tuxedo CutiE Phone Case

by Ellador

Tags: gate-keeper, sailor-scouts, princess-serena, prince-darien, solar-system

the gatekeeper Phone Case

by Eriphyle

Tags: darien-shields, darien, serena, usagi, roses


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