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Based in Atlanta, I only got to visit a few times, but this place was really cool. Great selection and decent prices. I remember they were one of the first to really do used CDs too. Purchased by Blockbuster and turned into little more than a notch in the Blockbuster Music empire.

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KIng Karol was once one of the most popular NY based record stores until its founder died in 1993 and had nowhere to go after that. What an awesome logo though!

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Tags: logo, nostalgia, defunct, vhs, compact-discs


This was actually the first major record store chain in America. It once had hundreds of locations across 30 states, but originated in the Pittsburgh, PA area. It actually operated from 1937 - 2002. They must not have had any southeastern locations, because I never saw one.

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This chain was definitely mostly mall based. I was always annoyed by their staff but impressed by their massive wall of cassette tapes and selection. I once bought a Weezer promo shirt for the original self-titled album there and I wore it all the time. They were a hot spot for cassingles here in the south during the early 90s country craze which I wanted no part of. I always preferred them to Sam Goody which was the OTHER music store in the mall.

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