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Drumweaver Phone Cases


This image comes from a drum dream i once had… riding a certain star-wave… journeying to the upperworld propelled by an ancient woman’s sacred red drum… In ancient times women used to paint their drums red… which would signify many things…. fertility… birth… mother earth… passion.. woman’s power… sacredness… This design was originally from another t-shirt design i had created years ago.. i’ve extracted only one figure from that one to create this one… © 2000 – http://www.drumweaver.com

Tags: frame-drum, drum, drumming, shaman, shamanic


When all else fails, Journey On It! - Shaman T-Shirt... - design by weaver, www.drumweaver.com

Tags: journey, journey-into-the-beyond, journey-into-imagination, drums, drumming


The central figure in the image was originally hand drawn and sketched in one continuous line with a felt pen at my kitchen table in 1988. I believe that this figure emerged and revealed herself spontaneously as one of my long-time guides named “she who walks beside walking”… She is drumming a sacred “labrys” women’s drum – drumming her dreams into being with sacred intent… in the distance is the banner of peace represented by the 3 dots… the ribbons on the sacred drum represent the four sacred directions… The runes script on the right is my last name “weaver” written in Celtic runes… © 1988 by carol weaver http://www.drumweaver.com – all rights reserved

Tags: drum, drums, drummer, drumming, drumtime

drumtime... shaman Phone Case

by drumweaver

Sometimes Shift Happens or Shit Happens... whatever way you wanna look at it... © 2012 http://www.drumweaver.com

Tags: streetwear, zombie, popular, statement, doctorwho


"My good friend went on a shamanic journey to the spirit world on my behalf but all she brought back was this dense t-shirt! - art by weaver © 2017 - http://www.drumweaver.com - shaman journey

Tags: shamanic-drum, shamanic, shamanism, shamanic-practitioner, trancer


no other words - just... "i drum therefore i am"... art by http://www.drumweaver.com © 2015 - shaman + shamanic art

Tags: drumsticks, drummer-nation, drummers, drum, drummer


Show the world your superpower! You rock! You roll! You Drum!

Tags: rock, geek, bands, jam-band, punk-band


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