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Ibuki Phone Cases

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Fear the bomb! Rokushaku Horokudama is Ibuki’s new special in Street Fighter V. Her feature a cute drawing of her pet tanuki, Don!

Tags: tanuki, shinobi, ibuki-ninja, street-figther


Railroad of opportunity along a cracked desert ground, going up as a staircase to a opened door in space, road to heaven symbol. Success plan, business concept

Tags: crack, concept, mysterious, dream, serenity

railroad to heaven Phone Case

by psychoshadow

Tags: touhou-project, touhou, anime, manga, japanese


Pupupupuh~ With theses pixelated characters from super danganronpa 2, you will now feel a nostalgic kind of despair! Is that a good thing? Who know!

Tags: monokuma, kazuichi-soda, hiyoko-saionji, sonia-nevermind, gundham-tanaka

Tags: miserable-now, heaven-knows, knows, heaven, ibuki


Pixel art based on Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope's Peak Academy - Despair Side

Tags: hopes-peak-academy, sonia-nevermind, gundham-tanaka, hiyoko-saionji, ibuki-mioda

Before Despair Phone Case

by Maxigregrze

Allien Sensei

Tags: ibuki, aichi, flag-of-akabane-aichi, sensei, assassination-classroom

Allien Sensei Phone Case

by LoserBoy

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