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Jibanyan Phone Cases


A design of Komasan the yokai from the Yo-Kai Watch cartoon and video games! He has a cute, starry-eyed expression and the design also features his catchphrase in the anime, "Oh mah swirls!" Shirts come in many colors, so please choose the color you think looks best!

Tags: youkai-is-why, yo-kai-is-why, yokai-is-why, yokai-watch, youkai-watch


Ghost Watch...

Tags: cat, kids, kid, humor, yokai

Ghost Watch Phone Case

by StudioM6

Tags: yokai, jibanyan, yo-kai-watch, yo-kai

Yokai Kitty Phone Case

by Versiris
Main Tag

Two Japanese originating Corporate mascots enjoying each others favorite treats. Pikachu is enjoying one of Jibanyan's Choco-bo Chocolate bars and Jibanyan is going to enjoy a nice chocolate pokepuff. Art (c) to me Pikachu (c) Game freak Jibanyan (c) Level 5

Tags: yokai, jibanyan, yokai watch, pikachu, pokemon

Sharing Treats Phone Case

by Kuroryushin

Those Yokai, makes life awRy.

Tags: ryspiritart, ryspirit, jibanyan, komosan, whisper

Yokai Walk Phone Case

by RySpirit

Tags: cute, ghost, spirit, komajiro, jibanyan

Komasan Phone Case

by koifish

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