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Lrrr Phone Cases


"I AM LRRR, RULER OF THE PLANET OMICRON PERSEI 8" This shirt is for those who love your overlord from omnicron persei 8 from the show Futurama.

Tags: futurama, lrrr, matt-groening, fry, bender

Omnicron Persei 8 Invaders Phone Case

by chrisjaserart
$25 $22
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Tags: donald-trump, drumpf, hillary-clinton, zoidberg, planet-express

I'm with Lrrr Phone Case

by ikaszans
$25 $20

Tags: lrrr, omicron-persei-8, philip-j-fry, turanga-leela, alien

I AM LRRR Phone Case

by Sayx
$25 $20

He's here! And now with the Kif!!!

Tags: futurama, hulk, zapp-brannigan, kif, lrrr

The Incredible Zapp! Phone Case

by Barbadifuoco
$25 $20

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