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Mario Sunshine Phone Cases

Tags: game, videogames, video-games, illustration, art

Mario Sunshine Phone Case

by TSperring

what's this icky paint like goop

Tags: coins, gold-coins, super-mario-bros, electric, paint

Phantamanta Phone Case

by Minilla

Stark Industries? Who needs em? Dr. E. Brown Enterprises? What do they even do? When you're in need of some tech, you call Professor Elvin Gadd. Featured here is his familiar logo from Super Mario Sunshine, which adorned all the boxes that contained alternate nozzles for the F.L.U.D.D. that Mario used to clean up Delfino Island.

Tags: super-smash-bros, fludd, elvin-gadd, professor-e-gadd, e-gadd


A chibi Princess Peach is riding on a cute Pink Yoshi. Peachy!

Tags: princess-toadstool, peach, toadstool, yoshi, pink

Main Tag

Never walk again!

Tags: mario, osx, mac, master-drive, saturn

Warp Zones Phone Case

by TheHookshot

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