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Nikto Phone Cases

Tags: 80s-movies, classic-movies, cult-classic, army-of-darkness, ash-vs-the-army-of-darkness

EvAle Dead Phone Case

by TonyCenteno

Tags: hail-to-the-king, kelly, pablo, beaters, ghostbeaters


Klaatu barada nikto is a famous iconic phrase from one of my favorite sci fi movies. No one knows exactly what it means, but that's not the point. Great gift for science fiction fans, scifi movie fans and fans of outer space, extraterrestial intelligence and aliens. From Scarebaby Design.

Tags: extraterrestial, movie, sci-fi, martian, little-green-men


Klaatu... Verata... Necktie... Nectar... Nickel...

Tags: movie, the-evil-dead, army-of-darkness, ash, ash-williams


Ashy Slashy

Tags: horrormovies, horror, chainsaw, sam-raimi, cthulhu

Ashy Slashy Phone Case

by saqman

After a hard day of battling evil demons , you need an ice cold Necronomicon Ale! Don't let the darkness swallow your soul!

Tags: s-mart-shop, cthulhu, lovecraft, necronomicon, klaatu-barada-nikto


One night I found myself researching Da Vinci works while also watching the Evil Dead series. This is what happened as a result...

Tags: nerd, movie, zombie, living-dead, famous-film

Vitruvian Ash (Evil Dead) Phone Case

by blackdrawsstuff

Tags: art, movie, pop-culture, humor, evil-dead-2

El Jefe v1 Phone Case

by Gigan91

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