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Scientia Phone Cases

Tags: off-to-college, summer, schools-out, homework, books


Black & White portrait of Ignis Scientia 10 years older. This was a drawing from the past Inktober 2017 taken from a screenshot of FinalFantasy XV

Tags: black-and-white, inktober2017, inktober, chocobos, gladiolus

Ignis Scientia Phone Case

by Silveretta

Tags: high-school, senior


Whether you're a prospective student, currently enrolled, or an accomplished alum, show some school spirit for your beloved alma mater. Looks great on Kanto U's school colors--Red Fire, Green Leaf, and Blue Water. This design is part of my "Summa Cum Poké" collection, a series of collegiate works inspired by regions found throughout the Pokémon world.

Tags: kanji, oak, oras, back to school, mewtwo

Kanto University Phone Case

by merimeaux

Tags: fantasy, noctis, final-fantasy-12, final-fantasy-11, final-fantasy-5


If you're wondering about the flowers, they're Zinnia flowers. They represent endurance and they mean one is thinking of an absent friend.

Tags: square-enix, final-fantasy-xv, ffxv, ignis-scientia, typography

Ignis - Dark Wit Phone Case

by Nijuukoo

A sign of a true chef is being able to wear this shirt and not get it dirty while you're coming up with new recipes.

Tags: foodie, food, typography, ignis-scientia, square-enix

Main Tag

Iggy's double life Revealed

Tags: scientia, recipeh, ignis, gamer, gaming

Iggy Stardust Phone Case

by Hailielle

Look at these fresh baked road trip boys ready to wish you a happy holiday!

Tags: gingerbread, cookie, galdnis, promptis, gaming


Show off the love of Gladiolus and Ignis from the hit game Final Fantasy XV

Tags: yaoi, love, otp, gladnis, gaming

Gladnis OTP Love Phone Case

by Vinniedraws

The joys of camping with the cast of FF 15.

Tags: fantasy, ff15, ff, chocobo, noctis

Chocobros Phone Case

by beanclam

Tags: ff15, gaming, video-games, chocobros, ignis-scientia

We Walk Tall Phone Case

by kalgado

Now in technicolor!

Tags: toonified, cute, anime, vintage, videogames

FFXV Toon! Phone Case

by BlackenedKrono

Merry Christmas from the Chocobros!

Tags: gamer, gladnis, promptis, fantasy, gaming

Tags: final-fantasy, fantasy, ignis, ffxv, ff15

Oh Ignis! Phone Case

by Katiekatcw

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