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Tibet Phone Cases


Perfect for the Free Tibet supporter, Buddhist and human rights activist. Featuring a round distressed Free Tibet design in Tibetan colors of yellow, red, white and blue. Buddha sits in meditation with the words "FREE TIBET" and white text.

Tags: mudra, religion, awakening, spirituality, spiritual


FREE TIBET* *with purchase of another Tibet of equal or greater value. Offer not valid in China.

Tags: dali-lama, mt-everest, tibet-flag, art, free-tibet

Main Tag

Tibetan Tiger

Tags: wild-animals, keeps-it-good, cmm, tibetart, tibetanart

TIbetan Tiger Phone Case

by KeepsItGood

Make peace with your T-shirt !

Tags: buddhist, buddhism, tibetan-buddhism, tibet, god

Buddha Phone Case

by Antoinegs

You're into sacred geometry,chakras,Buddha teachings and Tibet?Purchase this funny cool Buddhist Spiritual Yoga Lotus Meditation Mantra Om tee for yoga class,relaxation,enlightenment or as a gift for meditation lover,yoga teacher or student.

Tags: mantra, relaxation, buddhist, om, yoga

Tags: gohan, free-tibet, dragonball, super-saiyan, krilin


Namaste yoga - meditation spirituality shirt - Hindu

Tags: tibet, hinduism, hindu, himalaya, indian

Tags: flower, dream, happiness, heaven, surrealism


A parody of Brad Pitt's movie, 7 years in tibet

Tags: mashup, movie, bounty-hunter, geek, funny

7 days in the pit Phone Case

by BoggsNicolas

you remember this scene :) ?

Tags: tibet, buddhism, ventura, zen, jim-carrey-quote

Alrighty Then Phone Case

by BER
$25 $22

Tags: happy, buddhist, buddhism, spirituality, zen


yin yang endless fight cartoon style illustration, d,g,tal drawing, design by anticute!..

Tags: yin-and-yang, yin-yang-symbol, chinese, japanese, buddha


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