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Videogamefanart Phone Cases


Cam/Kamil from Tale of Two Towns is that one guy you love to hate, yes? Why not wear him proudly, for yourself or someone else? He's even got a rose for you.

Tags: videogamefanart, fanart, kawaii, chibi, jrpg

Florist Swagger Phone Case

by shirohime

Did you ever visit Mineral Town or Flowerbud Village? No? Then you should! And get yourself a milk there ~ Everybody knows Moon Farms Golden Milk is the best!

Tags: starbucks, videogame-apparel, videogamefanart, videogames, gaming


Solo Pete on a solo thing, and out of his silo? Lucky you.

Tags: nintendo, apparel, classicvideogames, videogamefanart, chibis


In West Rosebud, Pete wasn't born and raised, but he certainly spent all of his days farming, and wooing one out of five girls in the town. Show off your love for this game, 'farmer swag' style!

Tags: art, kawaii, japanimation, snes, videogamefanart


One of most violent clown characters of all time. It's Sweet Tooth of old school Twisted Metal fame!

Tags: demons, dragons, clown-prince, gothic, sweettooth

Tags: pop-culture, ps4, ps3, gamers, ps2


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