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Weylandyutani Phone Cases


Unlike the clones you've seen, this logo is a render of an actual high-resolution 3D model using advanced lighting and material effects. If you're of a higher pay grade/clearance level (ie. Bio Weapons Division) within The Company, you should get this model. Looks great on a mug!

Tags: lv-426, company, scifi, science-fiction, pop-culture

Tags: video-games, building-better-worlds, ellen-ripley, alien-3, gaming

Weyland Corp Phone Case

by Alfons

US Colonial Marines Conestoga-class 'patch' design, in a low-visibility color scheme. Think of this as a hypothetical promotional item. I recommend a medium-to-dark (but not black) garment for this art. Move it out, move it out, move it out!

Tags: uscm, aliens, ripley, xenomorph, ellen-ripley


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