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Yvonne Phone Cases

Tags: retro, vintage, illustration, photograph, art


Really Mean Girls

Tags: catwoman, michelle-pfeiffer, yvonne-craig, barbara-gordon, batgirl


Batgirl portrayed by Yvonne Craig. During the run of the Bat man television series, DC editorial was approached about adding a female character back into the Bat man family. Revising the character history and motivation, Julius Schwartz created Barbara Gordon. She appeared in the final (1967–1968) season. Batgirl's true identity was unknown to Bat man and Robin, and their true identities were unknown to her; only Alfred, the butler for Bruce Wayne/Bat man, was aware of Batgirl's identity.

Tags: comic, batgirl, illustration, female, purple

Batgirl Phone Case

by Rabassa

For the return on tv of 24 and Jack Bauer... DAMMIT!

Tags: james-heller, audrey, chloe-obrian, yvonne-strahovski, yvonne

Main Tag

Design inspired by Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2

Tags: effect, minimalist, minimalism, minimalista, minimalistic


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