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Some elves shouldn't be on quality control. 3000 flat bike tires went out and there were 923 dolls with wonky eyes returned. Elf points out in his defence; 'all the Jack Daniel's bottles arrived safely.'

Tags: elves, christmas, xmas, jack-daniels, quality

Elfhead - Quality Control Wall Art

by 40degreesSouth
$16 $13

Mr. Robot takes its name and logotype from the Mr. Robot computer repair shop, which appears in the show's first episode only as a patch on Christian Slater's jacket. This is the dark version of the Mr. Robot patch logo which looks great on lighter color tees and includes some nice vintage wear to give it plenty of street cred. For a less thrashed on look, check out my 'Mr. Robot Dark' version!

Tags: tux, linux, blackhat, redhat, unix

Mr. Robot Dark - Vintage Wall Art

by JacobCharlesDietz
$16 $13

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