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Stephen Sondheim Posters and Arts


"If you know what you want then you go and you find it and you get it" And maybe they’re really magic, who knows? For more designs, visit nerdfelt.net

Tags: stephen-sondheim, sondheim


Here, you want a bean? Have another bean Beans were made for making you rich! Plant them and they soar Here, you want some more? Listen to the roar Giants by the score! Well, you can blame another witch

Tags: witch, jack, beanstalk, rapunzel, cinderella

Tags: greenery, green, forest, wood, woods

Tags: trees, tree, stephen-sondheim, sondheim, stephen


"A cow as white as milk, A cape as red as blood, A hair as yellow as corn, A slipper as pure as gold." Design inspired by the musical Into The Woods

Tags: sondheim, rapunzel, cinderella, red-riding-hood, shoe

Tags: phantom-of-the-opera, lin, musicals, hamiltrash, west-side-story


The Cape as Red as Blood The Slipper as Pure as Gold The Hair as Yellow as Corn

Tags: into-the-woods, movie-musical, disney-movie, movie-reference, pop-culture


“Everybody’s got the right to some sun shine- Not the sun, but maybe one of its beams. Rich man, poor man, black or white, Pick your apple, take a bite. Everybody just hold tight to your dreams. Everybody’s got the right to their dreams.” (Sondheim, Assassins)

Tags: usa, first-amendment, american-dream, broadway-musical, musical-theater


Walking off my tired feet Pounding Forty Second Street To be in a show, oh Design based on the song "Broadway Baby".

Tags: broadway, new-york, new-york-city, stephen-sondheim, james-goldman

Broadway Baby Wall Art

by byebyesally

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