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Time Gem Posters and Arts


Anyone who wields the Infinity Gauntlet and possesses the Infinity Gems (or Infinity Stones) essentially has control over the entire universe.

Tags: comic, mcu, superheroes, superhero, power-gem

Infinity Stones - Infinite Control Wall Art

by FanboysAnonymous
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A play off the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely", if you obtain the Infinity Gems/Stones and form the Infinity Gauntlet, watch out as it may corrupt you infinitely.

Tags: comic, avengers, mcu, superheroes, superhero


The Infinity Gauntlet's Stones in the Helvetica ampersand style. Space Gem, Reality Gem, Power Gem, Mind Gem, Time Gem and Soul Gem.

Tags: comicbooks, thanos, avengers, comic, infinity-war


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